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Do you know how a DiSC Certification Program can help you in your career?

DiSC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

In the workplace, a DiSC certification can help create self-awareness among employees, enabling them to better utilize their natural talents and be more open to development opportunities by delving deeper into the neuroscience of learning. And connecting it with anthropology and psychology to help you integrate different concepts from different fields and create a method or a model for driving behavioral change. This is a 16 hour program that equips you with a plethora of materials and a promise of support that Strengthscape provides to help you design and develop programs for your internal and external customers.This results in higher job satisfaction, greater productivity, and greater retention within the organization.

Strengthscape is an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, where we offer the entire series of Everything DiSC products. Our DiSC Certification, delivered by globally renowned faculty, is an interactive program that dives into the theories of DiSC and neuroscience to enable a comprehensive understanding of DiSC. One can get an understanding of their personality style with this DiSC Certification program.

You’ll be able to quickly read and adapt to the styles of others and capitalize on the respective strengths by tapping into your natural gifts and much more! And from the point of view of the organization it’s a win-win situation as the four styles of DiSC create enthusiasm, foster a positive environment, and promote success through passion and enthusiasm, which again, increases employee engagement leading to better work outputs and retention.


The program works as a valuable tool for improving the culture of an organization. The DiSC Certification Program is personalized according to the learning needs and practices built around it. Strengthscape’s DiSC Certification Program is a virtual program, which can be used for reference purposes even in the future. It equips one with different tools according to their needs.With our DiSC Trainer Certification program, Strengthscape provides a hands-on learning experience along with ample opportunities for follow-up to master the use of DiSC in designing and delivering customized training programs. Some of the world’s most prestigious organizations utilize the DiSC profile for behavioral assessment.

Organizations are increasingly considering DiSC certification, realizing the benefits of having internal certified professionals to maintain DiSC in their organizations. Obtaining certification puts knowledge in the hands of the coach, HR professional, facilitator, consultant, or manager accompanying the project. It is through certification that confidence and competence are built in delivering Everything DiSC and establishing a DiSC-based culture.

With Strengthscape one can select a certification program according to their preferred learning style.