• Accelerate employee development by applying the world’s leading behavioural tool.

Employers have always been challenged to increase performance and meet talent expectations by maximizing the return on investment in employee development. By applying DiSC profiles to role specific training and development initiatives, L&OD professionals can aim to target development needs for specific job profiles such as leadership, people managers, individual contributors, match people’s behavioural priorities to the roles, enhance employee motivation and engagement, develop job specific competencies, promote core values, build leadership inventory, and drive managers to coach and engage employees.

  • Understand what motivates people and integrate it to learning systems in order to manage performance efficiently.

As the financial climate across the world turns hostile, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to hire new talent, making it imperative to retain and develop existing human resource who have proven their mettle. Retention is dependent on how the organization is able to recognize individual achievements, and motivate people to work in environments that balance personal and professional goals while being in sync with the organization’s strategy. Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification program helps L & OD professionals to understand the behavioural preferences of their people and how to use this to understand the factors that motivate each individual so that they can design learning interventions that foster a positive workplace climate. After all, it is well known that the organizations that enrich their talent development process by systematically applying psychometric assessments have a competitive advantage, because hiring and retaining the best talent is a strategic imperative.

  • Create personalized programs that are tailor made to fit into individual learning styles.

In order to increase engagement during learning sessions, it is important to give undivided attention to individual learning styles, cues that trigger learning and their natural approach to the learning process. By gaining insights into a person’s behavioural priorities, talent management professionals can align organization’s business objectives to individual employee business and personal goals and expectations. By designing learning programs into the individual learning styles, talent development professionals can accelerate development impact and increase the return on investment multifold. The role specific insights that the Everything DiSC suite provides takes learning to a higher pedestal making it resonate well with the learner creating highly effective learning experiences.

  • Use off the shelf DiSC facilitation kits to roll out high volume training programs.

The DiSC Trainer Certification Program provides application specific inputs on how the facilitation kits can be used to roll out high volume training programs cost effectively and in no time. The facilitation kits are packed with everything that may be required to facilitate the best DiSC certification program sessions like videos, PowerPoint presentations, assessments, games, trainer manual, learning guides and trainee handouts. The material is totally customizable with logos and personal branding options.

Coaches all over the world need to demonstrate competence and knowledge in coaching methodology and theory and practice intensively before attaining professional success. With the increasing number of coaches, it is no longer sufficient to be well-qualified and experienced. Using role specific psychometric tools such as Everything DiSC Work of Leaders and Everything DiSC Management is one of the ways of keeping high standards in a coaching engagement.

  • Design and develop coaching plans in accordance with the coachee’s learning styles:

The goal of coaching is to get the coached to be self-driven and is inspired by focusing on their natural strengths, to make better decisions and to act with wisdom. This requires the coach to win the undivided attention of the coachee. DiSC Trainer Certification sensitizes trainees on how to apply the DiSC assessment and support tools helps executive and life coaches to develop coaching plans that are centered on the coachee’s behavioural preferences. This makes the coaching a fulfilling experience for both the coach and the coached. DiSC Trainer certification helps coaches practice the art of planning a learning journey based on a personal DiSC profile.

  • DiSC assessments, globally renowned for their reliability and validated statistically ensures objectivity in behavioural spotting.

The key to great coaching is implicit trust between the coach and the coachee. It is important that the coachee feels that the coach is totally unbiased in their judgement which is turn build on the understanding and removes any feeling of distrust the coachee may have. The objectivity of the tool removes any inhibition that the partners may have, eliminating the influence of history, assumptions or expectations. The DiSC Trainer Certification trains executive and life coaches on how DiSC tools can be used to facilitate open conversations which provide ample encouragement and objective, practical advice.

  • Role specific inputs provided during coaching helps the coach to priorities on needs and provide clear actionable points of improvement.

The Everything DiSC suite adapts an individual’s DiSC behavioural choices to specific roles and hence the inputs and personalized strategies are relevant from the context of the job role. The feedback and insights that these reports provide are adapted to dynamics of the business world and is what every coach requires to provide coaching action points without escalating the emotional content or misrepresenting the intent. The DiSC Trainer Certification program looks at how the various Everything DiSC tools can be applied to roll out roll specific coaching plans at your workplace.

  • Ramp up the efficiency of group coaching programs through group culture reports.

The biggest challenge of group coaching is to understand and compare the beliefs, attitudes and values that each individual in the group possesses and to determine the influence it has on the dynamics and the culture of the group. It is even trickier to compare two or more such groups. The DiSC Trainer Certification Program offers inputs on the various types of group reports like group culture report, team view report or Beyond DiSC report like Team Dimensions Profile. This makes group coaching a simple and hassle free process with readymade comparisons available at the coach’s fingertips.

  • Enrich your training programs with DiSC Facilitation kit and Strengthscape games

The most powerful advantage for freelance and corporate trainers is that they gain an increased understanding of how to design and deliver DiSC based programs. On top of that, our rich Trainer’s Login provide a series of games and activities that can be used in any DiSC training module. Strengthscape’s Certified DiSC Trainers also get attractive discounts on Wiley’s Training Kits. These facilitation kits enhance training programs with world-class Videos, PowerPoints and Handouts.

  • Transcend boundaries in training by getting certified in the globally accepted DiSC Assessment Tools.

The DiSC Trainer certification is certainly a resume booster for trainers who wish to take their training programs across borders. The DiSC Classic Assessment which is available in over 30 languages is a globally accepted and popular assessment which makes it the top choice amongst leading businesses worldwide. The DiSC Trainer Certification guarantees to give you an upper hand over competition when it comes to sourcing training opportunities. Post this certification, Trainers get the rights to administer DiSC profiles anywhere in the world. Many freelance trainers have found our certification to be the best platform for taking their business beyond their local boundaries.

  • Fine tune facilitation to the learner’s natural learning style through an increased understanding of the intricacies of human behaviour.

To add value to a trainee’s professional repertoire of skills and knowledge a trainer has to understand them in great depth. Knowing the preferred or natural learning style of the learner in advance can get the trainer equipped to deliver individualized training programs wherein it becomes easier to overcome resistance to learning and to engage the learner proactively. The DiSC Trainer Certification program looks at human behaviour intricately and trainees have testified in being confident in understanding and interpreting behaviour.

  • Build sustainable relationships with clients and power your brand through robust follow – up mechanisms.

The EPIC System which comes with Strengthscape’s DiSC Trainer Certification, offers a round the clock mechanism for generating profiles on demand, guaranteeing total control to trainer for the administration of DiSC profiles and management of the follow-up engagement. Individual reports generated can be compared to each other and can be used to predict the culture of groups that those individuals are a part of. The reports generated from the EPIC system can carry your customized branding / logo thereby helping the trainer to build their own brands. Trainers with EPIC Accounts are also given the privilege to create sub-accounts for larger their clients and customers.

  • Know your people well to manage them better.

The reason why managers find it difficult to manage people working with them is because they don’t give behavioural style of their team member the attention it deserves. If managers have to orchestrate workplace interactions, it is important that they know how to understand the “how” and “why” of those interactions. The focal point of the DiSC Certification program is to learn how to spot different DiSC Behavioural styles. Once a people manager is adept at this, managing and influencing people becomes easier for them.

  • Learn to design objective performance management systems using DiSC

The key to retention is to develop impartial and objective performance management systems. Feedback is the currency of Performance Management. The DiSC Trainer Certification Program provides clear cut guidelines on how DiSC can be used to create non-judgmental feedback and appraisal systems in an organization. The training is directed towards understanding the application of comparison reports to facilitate highly objective one to one comparisons, and group culture reports which compares groups. There are also inputs provided on whether an individual fits a role and on how to furnish personalized tips as part of mentoring sessions directed towards improving an individual’s performance at work.

  • Know how to increase collaboration within and between teams using DiSC tools.

Managers frequently vacillate between improving individual performance and team contribution. Today both managers and employees are evaluated on the basis of how well their contributions enhances or meets the team goals or organization objectives. As the captain of the ship, Managers drive have a significant influence on how team collaborates and contributes beyond personal goals. DiSC Trainer Certification looks into how DiSC tools can be used for building cohesive teams that rank high on trust, commitment and accountability. They are also briefed on other tools like Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team or Team Dimensions profile which are assessments that essentially focus on team building only. The trainer login, provided complimentary to Strengthscape’s Certified DiSC Trainers, has an extensive library of games and activities for team building.

  • Master the art of effective delegation.

Studies indicate that people exhibit higher levels of initiative, accountability and commitment when they are assigned tasks they do best. However it is impossible for a people manager to predict what each member of their team is naturally best at or enjoys working on. DiSC Trainer Certification has sessions on spotting behavioural styles and applying those to understand roles that an individual may really excel in. The same can also be applied to understanding how an individual approaches work and find their way through it to meet objectives. The DiSC Trainer Certification also provides strategies on how the inputs from DiSC Assessments can be used to put people into groups they can easily collaborate with.

Salespeople are often short of ways of building rapport with the customer. Everything DiSC Sales profile helps salespeople recognize and customize their message so that it gets through the customer’s mental filtering system.

  • Craft the right sales pitch by reading your customer’s preferred buying style.

An effective sales pitch is never a one way conversation – but a dialogue. For a salesperson to start a dialogue with the customer, it is important that they understand them. The DiSC Trainer Certification trains on how to spot a customer’s buying style using the Everything DiSC Sales Profile and how that can be used to develop the right sales pitch with minimal homework.

  • Grab the attention of the buyer by using Customer Interaction Mapping to enhance the effectiveness of sales conversation

Today’s buyer has no time to waste on trivial sales-talk, and get bogged down by the information overload. The Customer Interaction Mapping Feature of the Everything DiSC Sales Profile is a simple three step methodology to understand the customer and to design tailor- made interactions which gives the customer information that is in sync with what they are looking for. The DiSC Trainer Certification guarantees to develop sales professionals who can engage customers by understanding their exact requirement and designing value added propositions for them. The key is in engaging with the customer with their behavioural priority in mind.

  • Become a master in the art of asking the right questions, to open dialogues and to sustain them with customers.

Selling today has gone back to fundamentals like solving a problem, or addressing an existing need in a new way. But to know what the problem or the need is, every salesperson should know how to balance asking and telling. The DiSC Trainer Certification Program is filled with activities and games that focus exclusively in the art of questioning, active listening and personalized communication using the DiSC behavioural model as a reference. Being a part of the DiSC Trainer Certification may open up never before avenues of communication for salespeople.

DiSC assessment is a widely recognized tool that helps individuals and teams understand their behavioral styles and preferences. For executive coaches and trainers, obtaining a DiSC Trainer Certification can provide a wealth of benefits that can help enhance their coaching and training services. The certification is recognized by many organizations as a credible qualification for professionals in the coaching and training industry, making it a worthwhile investment for any executive coach or trainer looking to enhance their services and build a successful coaching or training practice.

A DiSC Trainer Certification provides executive coaches and trainers with in-depth knowledge and skills on how to administer and interpret the DiSC assessment. This knowledge enables coaches and trainers to better understand their clients and tailor their coaching or training approach to the specific needs of each individual or team. With a DiSC Trainer Certification, coaches and trainers can use an individual’s behavioral style, communication preferences, and work style to enhance the quality of their coaching and training services, ultimately resulting in more effective coaching and training outcomes.

In a crowded market, a DiSC Trainer Certification can differentiate executive coaches and trainers from others who do not have this credential. The certification provides potential clients with the assurance that the coach or trainer has a deep understanding of the DISC assessment and can help them achieve their desired outcomes. This differentiation can help coaches and trainers attract more clients and build long-term relationships with them.

Obtaining a DiSC Trainer Certification requires significant investment in time and effort, which can have a positive impact on personal and professional development. The knowledge and skills gained through this certification can enhance the quality of coaching and training services provided, ultimately leading to greater personal and professional satisfaction.

Strengthscape, an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, offers the entire series of Everything DiSC products. Their DiSC Trainer Certification is delivered by globally renowned experts in an interactive program that allows participants to take up the DiSC assessment and dive deep into the theories of DiSC and neuroscience. This enables a comprehensive understanding of DiSC and provides executive coaches and trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to drive behavioral change.

In conclusion, a DiSC Trainer Certification can provide a wealth of benefits for executive coaches and trainers. Certification can expand knowledge and skills, differentiate coaches and trainers from others, increase credibility, enhance coaching and training outcomes, open up new revenue streams, and improve personal and professional development. Therefore, becoming a certified DiSC trainer is a worthwhile investment for any executive coach or trainer looking to enhance their services and build a successful coaching or training practice.