It is comprehendible, visual and easy to understand. The step by step coaching approach with the idea of creating a ritual is a good way to make the learning applicable for the trainee.

Marianne Helmich AndersenHR Professional

The in depth exposure to the 4 behavioural styles and how do we assess them without compromising on the training ethics

Sakshi SinhaL&OD professional

I attended DiSC course with Akash Chander & found the course to be of great value . It was interactive & helped me feel at ease as it was my first experience of virtual class.I truly appreciate Akash’s approach & flexibility . He was outstanding throughout the session and provided me with extremely valuable information and guidance. I now understand & appreciate each other’s difference as DiSC provides an insight into an individual’s style and gives valuable information on how we prefer to communicate with others. It makes great sense to know about behavioral assessment tool.

Ruby OjhaHR Professional

DISC helps us understand oneself and others. It a great tool to start coaching with as it gives complete perspective about self and others.

Soumen Ghosh ChoudhuryTrainer and Coach

It was a great experience, the technology give great control to the organiser and participant in the course got to participate actively from the comfort of their homes.

I particularly like the freedom and comfort of doing this from home while still having the capability to quickly create Powerpoint presentations and share immediately with everyone.

Osilama Idokogi – NigeriaIT Professional

The experience was excellent with a virtual course. The facilitator at all times was very interactive and made it a very valuable session.

Siny VaruhgeseL&OD Professional

I loved the examples, exercises, videos (1st session). I feel the practice sessions added a lot of value. It was the right balance of theory and practice. The last sessions exercise of creating a poster, I found quite fascinating- more examples like this will help people understand styles and communicating with different styles. The fact that we get to interact with other participants off line and online through the exercises is another plus.The amount of interaction between the coach and the participants ensured that all sessions were interesting

Deepti Lavina LewisHR Professional

The course has been well planned and the structure of the program is simple and easy to understand and relate. Was very engaging inspite of being virtual.

Chandan RoychoudhuryL&OD professional

This being the first virtual course for a long duration was interactive in content, exercises, videos, sharing of knowledge etc.

Melroy FernandesHR Professional

This is one of the best sessions I have attended. Iinitially was apprehensive, but was not too sure how effective it will be to sit through a virtual online certification since time was so critical for me and Ididn’t have luxury of spending days in India as I was preparing for the Expedition to Everest, The expedition was to do with taking a risk, I decided to take a risk with doing the certification on line, trust me! from the moment I started the session I was able to focused and be connected, never expected a program to be so exciting and to be intensely connected. it certainly helped me to balance my training , work , family and the certification, I also need to especially mention on how you led us through the certification, it was explained, I never felt that i was in another country and interacting across continents. thank you once again.

Elmo FrancisManager - Training and Development at Amana Bank Limited, Sri Lanka