The coverage of the course was fantastic and the best part was the way in which the curriculum was delivered, very collaborative.

Ben NayakSales and Marketing Leader, InfoPro Learning, Inc.

Really enjoyed the dig into the neuroscience. The program went beyond interpreting DiSC profiles and taught me how to design learning activities. Login for trainers gives ample resources for continued engagement. EPIC system provides real differentiation.

Jyoti Sapra – SingaporeExecutive Coach, Risan Management, Singapore

Application specific psychometrics such as the Everything DiSC® Profiles make much more sense to the business people. They can get insights that are relevant to them. I have been impressed by the way this program is delivered. Virtual is really the new real. I found the program intensive and resourceful. Akash goes beyond the mere interpretation of the reports. The whole stuff around neuroscience and the behavioural models is awesome. A must for every HR professional.

Monarch LimayeHR Director at Software AG

It was a good experience, attending classes at ease and home comfort. There’s flexibility to repeat classes to refresh what we learnt. And the best part is about connecting with like minded people through this group!

Liril MachaiahLiril Machaiah , Manager- Training, Infinite Computer Solutions

The DiSC certification program truly meets it’s objectives, it’s a very useful tool which has immediate application in the workplace context. I really liked Akash’s approach of getting the participant’s involved and guiding them on part of self discovery. I had quite a few A-ha moments during the workshop and I am sure you too will experience them ! Thanks Akash for making it a insightful experience.

Sandeep Kaul – IndiaSandeep Kaul, Director at WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd

Rich learning experience , impeccable quality and optimized cost. In addition, chance to catch up with professionals across India and abroad. Online Disc program helped me to attain certification by utilizing spare time on weekends. It was a true value addition.

Himanshu Joshi – IndiaHimanshu Joshi, Founder Director & Chief Executive, Eduhive