Strengthscape’s Instructional Design Certification program – a journey that transcends conventional content development. In the realm of training, Instructional Design (ID) emerges as a dynamic discipline, a pragmatic approach that stretches beyond conventional content creation. Far exceeding this narrow conception, ID embodies an all-encompassing process deeply rooted in psychology and pedagogy. It involves the discernment and analysis of human performance hurdles, the creation of ingenious interventions, and the meticulous formulation of solutions that yield extraordinary outcomes.

Our program not only empowers you to craft captivating content but also equips you to navigate the intricate landscape of training needs assessment, intervention design, implementation, and assessment. Whether you are shaping engaging instructor-led sessions or immersive eLearning experiences, Strengthscape’s Instructional Design Certification endows you with principles that transcend, enabling you to forge instructions that redefine the learner journey.

Additionally, our program includes a two-hour session dedicated to harnessing Generative AI for constructing compelling content in the realm of Instructional Design, adding an innovative edge to your skill set. This holistic approach nurtures comprehensive growth and development, setting you on a path to success in the ever-evolving world of instructional design.

Renu Khanna
Faculty – Instructional Designing

Renu is seasoned OD consultant, Executive Coach and Instructional Development Artist and Facilitator with over 32 years of experience. With her passion as an Instructional Design Specialist, she has won multiple international awards designing strategic upskilling frameworks for Global Hi-potential Leaders. She has spearheaded multiple HR & OD Initiatives with her leadership roles in NIIT, GE, Genpact, MTS among others.

Akash Chander
Executive Coach & Facilitator

Akash is preferred coach and consultant to multiple Fortune 500 companies for his breakthrough contribution in the space of Design Thinking, Strategic Thinking integrating them with a practical approach and objective assessments. He is a Facilitator of multiple globally renowned L&OD Certification including Work of Leaders® Program , Accredited Facilitator – Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team, Assessments With DiSC, MBTI, Central Test And Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team.

Vishu Aggarwal
Facilitator, Consultant, eLearning Developer

Vishu is a senior facilitator and a Multimedia Specialist having experience of over 18+ years on skilling L&D colleagues across industries on Graphic Designing, UX/UI, 3D Animation, Virtual Reality, Game Design & Development, Digital Video-Sound Editing and Instructional Design. The finesse in his projects deliveries and consulting work is widely appreciated by his clients namely Adobe, HBO, Capgemini India, DpIxg (Dubai), MB Holdings LLC (Oman), World Health Organization (WHO) and more.


This program on Instructional Design can help you:

Embark on a journey where AI and instructional design converge, accelerating content creation and refining the art of crafting transformative learning experiences:

  • Analyzing Training Needs: Illuminating Challenges
    Let’s start by unlocking the secrets of pinpointing performance hurdles. By asking the right questions, you’ll lay the groundwork for potent interventions. This step is like identifying the canvas upon which your masterpiece will unfold.
  • Designing Impactful Interventions: Where Tradition Meets Innovation
    Now, imagine infusing traditional wisdom with innovative prowess. This is where you shape the very essence of your intervention. Select the most effective mediums and choreograph session plans that captivate. Let data guide your design, ensuring your intervention speaks directly to the challenge at hand.
  • Developing Engaging Content: A Symphony of Pedagogy and AI
    Picture crafting content that’s both a melody of pedagogy and a dance of AI. This step isn’t just about words—it’s about resonance. Whether it’s crafting Instructor-led Training scripts or immersive eLearning storyboards, infuse your work with the nuances of human cognition and adult learning tendencies. This is the creation of learning magic.
  • Seamless Implementation: Where Plans Take Flight
    Now, it’s time to transition from the drawing board to reality. It’s all about execution—making sure every system and process is in harmony. Think of it as the backstage crew ensuring the grand show goes off without a hitch. With this foundation, your intervention takes center stage.
  • Evaluation: The Litmus Test of Triumph
    Just as important as the design and execution is the assessment of impact. This is where you decipher if your intervention hit the bullseye. Our program equips you with techniques to gauge effectiveness objectively, providing insights that steer the course of refinement.
  • The AI Advantage: Crafting at the Speed of Thought
    Enter the realm of AI—a world where content creation accelerates. Imagine AI-generated prompts that speedily sculpt learning content, aligning seamlessly with your goals. It’s a symphony of human insight and technological innovation, crafting results at the speed of thought.

In this journey, AI is your ally, enhancing your prowess in content creation while enriching every facet of your instructional design artistry. It’s the fusion of innovation and tradition, an evolution that paints a new canvas for learning experiences.

The significance of Instructional Design has surged with the increasing focus on Learner Experience. As learners seek immersive experiences to derive relevance and meaning from their education, a shift towards experiential learning environments becomes imperative. Traditional approaches to instruction fall short in creating these enriched contexts.

The journey towards mastery requires the integration of multiple layers to yield impactful outcomes and a substantial return on investment. An Instructional Design Certification is your guide to uncovering these layers, providing the foundational principles to craft instructions that magnify the learner experience, fostering holistic growth and comprehensive learning and development. Join us to embrace this evolution in instructional design and transform your approach.

Guided by Experts
Step into a world of expertise with Strengthscape. Our accomplished team comprises seasoned instructional designers and eLearning developers who offer real-world insights throughout your journey, elevating your understanding.

Blended Learning Excellence
Experience the best of both realms with Strengthscape’s unique blend. We seamlessly merge traditional instructor-led classroom training with the convenience of online sessions, ensuring a comprehensive and cost-effective program.

Optimized Learning Pathways
At Strengthscape®, we believe in giving knowledge ample time to root. Embrace our spaced-learning approach, allowing concepts to flourish and practices to solidify. This paves the way for enhanced retention and tangible learning outcomes.

Personalized Guidance
Your growth matters to us. Strengthscape is committed to your success, providing continuous support through individual handholding. This personalized approach enhances your learning effectiveness, ensuring you master each facet of the program.

Elevating Learning with Generative AI
Beyond these pillars, we introduce a pioneering session that integrates Generative AI into your learning journey. This innovative step transforms how you perceive content creation, harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance your prowess. At Strengthscape, we’re not just instructors—we’re your partners in elevating your instructional design journey.

Identifying Performance Gaps: Backed by empirical evidence, Instructional Design meticulously assesses organizational needs, pinpointing specific performance gaps. Research underscores that targeted interventions yield enhanced employee productivity and proficiency.

Designing Outcome-Oriented Solutions: Rigorous studies demonstrate that result-oriented learning solutions, tailored to learners’ needs, lead to skill mastery and knowledge retention. Instructional Design applies research-driven methodologies to ensure alignment with learning objectives.

Engaging, Contextual Content: Research highlights that engaging, contextually relevant content significantly enhances learning outcomes. Instructional Design employs adult learning theories, incorporating real-world scenarios to foster deeper understanding and application.

Efficient Implementation and Evaluation: Research underscores that structured implementation and objective evaluation are pivotal to training success. Instructional Design streamlines processes, optimizing resource utilization and ensuring outcomes are measured against predefined criteria.

Enhancing Adult Learning: Evidence-based research emphasizes the importance of catering to adult learners’ preferences and cognitive abilities. Instructional Design prioritizes strategies that resonate with adults, leveraging research insights to create impactful learning experiences.

  • Dynamic Learning Approach: Seamlessly blending classroom and virtual sessions—both synchronous and asynchronous—this program leverages diverse training methodologies. It features engaging audio, visuals, and assessments, accompanied by follow-up sessions for clarity and reinforcement.
  • Robust Learning Resources: Access our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) for a wealth of materials. From course manuals, videos, and eLearning content to enriching podcasts and a plethora of assessments, our LMS promotes self-paced learning, fostering participants’ confidence in grasping the subject matter.
  • Structured Learning Path: The course manual is structured into 5 modules, each comprising chapters and units. This intuitive breakdown facilitates progressive learning, ensuring you absorb concepts effectively.
  • Virtual Certification Experience: Our online Instructional Design Certification offers 16 hours of live virtual Instructor-led sessions across 4 weekends. These engaging sessions, including a live project and a final assessment, bring the learning journey to life.
  • Engaging Self-Paced Exploration: Participants are encouraged to explore the LMS thoroughly. Dive into manuals, videos, podcasts, and additional readings, enhancing your understanding at your own pace—a pivotal aspect of this dynamic learning endeavor.
  • Curriculum developers
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Training, managers, or coordinators
  • Human Resource professionals
  • Learning & Organization Development Experts
  • Individuals seeking a career change or position within the eLearning instructional design field
  • Professionals who have taken on training roles within their department
  • Access to Learning Management System (LMS) with Course Manual.
  • 1-year complimentary access to the Digital Library.
  • Assignments and worksheets on the LMS.