Chief Executive Facilitator Program


Highly recommended 4 day facilitation skills program that’s enables the participants to design, develop and facilitate group interactions at workplace.

These tools, techniques and skills can be applied to team meetings, business planning workshops, project reviews, client meetings, strategy meets, training sessions and just about any group interaction involving 3 or more people.

The program provides the participants a safe learning environment to practice facilitation in small groups with guided reflection & feedback.

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Who Is A Facilitative Leader?

A facilitator is someone who formulates and delivers structure to make group processes effective. This is achieved by cultivating a sense of shared responsibility and active participation.

Facilitators are experts in resolving conflicts and in making groups find their own motivation. Facilitators enable groups to reach informed consensus and decisions with relative ease in a time bound manner. They help make personal commitment a norm.

A facilitative leader believes in the power of the team and by using his/her facilitation skills, plays on the group’s wisdom to achieve organizational goals.



  • €Drive visioning and strategic planning meetings
  • Make office meetings effective
  • Cascade strategic initiatives
  • Build consensus on critical issues
  • Drive inclusive decision making

Projects and Initiatives

  • Lead project planning meetings
  • Drive project review meetings
  • Employ effective problem solving techniques
  • Facilitate innovation initiatives
  • Engage clients in the selling process

Human Resource & Organization Development

  • Lead performance management interactions
  • Structure (and schedule) people engagement initiatives
  • Facilitate team building and conflict resolution
  • Set goals and align people to the company vision
  • Roll out organization policies
  • Monitor performance and provide structured feedback

Training Deliveries

  • €Deliver training programs into the learning style of the participants
  • Conceptualize training games and activities
  • Make training programs engaging and interactive
  • Diagnose, design and deliver training interventions

What Do You Learn?

  • Upscale your stage presence in an experiential way.
  • Learn the DANCER method of facilitation along with a set of more than 20 techniques for achieving groups’ objectives.
  • Learn to create interaction structures for effective group management (of varied sizes) – throng (100-2000 people), swarm (30-100 people) and huddle (3-30 people) workshops.
  • Build a comprehensive inventory of tools, stationary items and props for making your sessions interactive, interesting and world-class.
  • Understand human behaviour and learn to create a structure that resonates with the behavioural preferences of the participants.
  • Bring a unique twist to your facilitation style using art – storytelling, drama, drawing, movies and music in your workshops.
  • Design and deliver training programs related to sales effectiveness, delegation skills, leadership and communication using the DiSC model of behaviour.
  • Understand your own leadership style using the most contemporary leadership Profile Everything DiSC Work of Leaders.

Stage presence
Upscale your stage presence in experiential way. Learn to play on group’s energy, engage participants and manage trouble makers.

DANCER method
Learn the DANCER method to design and orchestrate group interactions.

Tools and Techniques
Build and practice a comprehensive inventory of tools and techniques for varied outcomes.

Play and Engage
Bring a unique twist to your facilitation style using art – graphical facilitation, storytelling, drama, movies and more

Understand human behaviour and learn to create a structure that resonates with the behavioural preferences of the participants

Who Should Attend This Program?

  • Senior Management Professionals
  • Management Consultants, Project Managers And Supervisors
  • Internal trainers and coaches
  • Human Resource & OD Professionals

Benefits of Structured Facilitation

  • Make better decisions and build a sense of personal ownership
  • Enhance productivity and avoid expensive project delays
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and stop the blame game
  • Imbibe a culture of open dialogue, creativity and collaboration

Qualifying Criteria

  • All the participants are personally interviewed before registration.
  • Participants should have a minimum of 8 years of work experience after graduation.

Certification Process

Following requirements need to be met to become Certified Executive Facilitator

  • Attendance of all 4 days of the CEF Program
  • Successful completion of the assignments and the final facilitation during the CEF program
  • Submission of a facilitation debrief (involving the DANCER method) from 3 workshops post the training program.

Material Provided

  • An Activity Kit that includes a number of props for conducting a wide variety of games and activities
  • Facilitation Manual that includes templates, checklists and facilitation designs
  • Post certification assistance in facilitating workshops

Registration & Administration

  • Participants will be provided the details of the venue one month in advance. Strengthscape would negotiate for Group accommodation and boarding arrangement with the hosting hotel. Boarding and Lodging is paid on actuals directly to the hotel.
  • This is an intensive program that requires participants to be at work till late evening. Participants are requested to keep the training days free from all other commitments. Mobile phone and Email access would be intermittent at best.
  • Timings: 8 am to 8 pm (preferably residential). The program will commence from 9.30 am on day one. Participants are expected to arrive before 9 am or check in on 8th evening.
  • Dietary preferences and special arrangements may be notified during the registration.
  • Maximum – 10 participants


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