The DiSC Trainer Certification course builds the right foundation for understanding the DiSC model by taking a deep plunge into the neuroscience of behaviour, emotions and learning. The DiSC Certification course kick starts with a session on understanding human behaviour, through the TFB model, knowing how and why people learn differently and how behaviour is different from personality.

The learning on DiSC starts with a tour into the by-lanes of the History of DiSC, takes the trainees through a deep review of the DISC model by Marston and how it evolved into the DiSC model. The session on DiSC Certification Course also explains the difference between the linear model used to represent the DiSC behavioural styles and the circumplex version that is used in the Everything DiSC series.

No DiSC Trainer Certification Course is complete without a detailed overview of the various DiSC reports. We understand the need for a thorough grasp of DiSC concepts, which is why a detailed session is provided on the analysis and interpretation of all the reports in the DiSC Classic series as well as the Everything DiSC Series. The DiSC Certification course also provides a clear understanding on how the DiSC model and the various tools can be applied to interpret DiSC profiles at workplace.

The DiSC Certification course also comprises of insights on how the tool can be applied for training and how the facilitation requires to be planned, designed and executed.

The focus on the DiSC Certification Program is on application. With ample tips on facilitation methodology, we focus on training the participants on applying DiSC for improving workplace communication, leadership and managerial effectiveness and in building cohesive teams.

Finally, DiSC Trainer certification program looks into the statistical validation of the DiSC tools and goes into the reason why the tool has gained immense popularity. This helps the trainees to understand how the validity and reliability of the tool guarantees successful application.