Face to Face (In Person) Program:

The Face to Face DiSC Trainer Certification Program is a highly interactive two-day session scheduled in various cities across the world. The Face to Face program conducted by our master facilitator Akash Chander, promises an experiential learning session where you can grasp the intricacies of human behaviour and use the learning to interpret the DiSC profile, engage in executive coaching sessions and deliver assessment based training programs all within the purview of the DiSC model.

The Face to Face DiSC Trainer Certification program provides you the credentials for facilitating end user training programs. We aim to provide you with hands–on experience in interpreting and applying the different DiSC Profiles. The program also gives a bird’s eye view of the tools available for facilitating DiSC based training programs. Participants are also introduced to the EPIC account – Wiley’s online website that is used to administer DiSC profiles.

The trainees are evaluated on their understanding of DiSC Assessments and the DiSC Model through an online test following which they are certified as DiSC professionals.

Our Face to Face DiSC Trainer Certification program, is highly engaging, interesting and fun-filled, with games, videos, activities and group discussions.

Many times, our trainees feel the need for a refresher months after completing the certification program. To meet this expectation, we provide free access to our Virtual Classes. Trainers who have completed our Face to Face DiSC Trainer Certification can attend the virtual online course anytime within a year of attending the certification program free of cost.

To support continuous learning, we provide free and unlimited access to a trainer’s login. To know more about the trainer’s login, click here.

Every trainee is provided special discounts on EPIC Credits and facilitation kits. To know more on current offers click here.

Instructor Led Live Virtual Classes – Online DiSC Certification

The Instructor-led Online DiSC Certification via Live Virtual Classes is a 16 hours program conducted via gotomeeting. Facilitated by the master trainer Akash Chander, this program is highly recommended for those who do not wish to travel to the venue. The program is highly interactive with the added advantage of having a multicultural class.

Once you register, we give grant you free access to the online course for a year, so you can learn at your own pace and take a refresher course as many times as you wish in that duration. The sessions are collaborative and interactive with activities and games for a comprehensive learning experience and are led by the same trainer to maintain consistency.

The Instructor Led Live Virtual DiSC Trainer Certification Program – Online DiSC Certification, spans over a total duration of 16 hours and is scheduled for weekends only. The program builds a strong foundation in psychology, necessary to build the basic understanding of human behaviour. The Online DiSC Certification program provides insights on how to apply the DiSC behavioural assessments for various workplace requirements and builds confidence to facilitate DiSC based training programs at workplace. Using interactive tools, games, activities, role plays and simulation exercises our master facilitator create an environment of learning that is both engaging and thought provoking.

The Instructor Led Live Virtual DiSC Trainer Certification Program – Online DiSC Certification, will provide you the credentials to apply DiSC concepts and assessments for life coaching, learning and development and people management through a detailed review of DiSC reports, facilitation kits and the EPIC Account.

There are guaranteed discounts on EPIC Credits and login for EPIC account, with special early bird offers.

Strengthscape provide free access to all our certified trainers’ access to Trainer’s login – a private area enriched with DiSC implementation resources such as brochures, sample reports, games and activities, case studies and more.

E-Learning Program – Virtual DiSC Certification:

E-learning DiSC Trainer Online Certification Program is designed for the busy bees who wish to learn at their own pace and time. Register now if you wish to maximize learning through minimal investment and zero wastage of time. With four hours of e-learning and a live interaction with the Master trainer through our monthly meets, E-Learning program promised great learning.

Through an interactive, interesting and comprehensive course content, that covers DiSC concepts in crisp detail, the E-learning Based DiSC Trainer Online Certification Program guarantees that trainees can grasp the nuances of human behaviour with all its complexities.

The self- paced learning environment promises mastery in DiSC Assessments through our interactive system. Four hours of e-learning material is divided into multiple 3-5 minutes long units. The coverage of the E-learning course is similar to the Certification course through other delivery formats.

E-learning DiSC Trainer Online Certification Program is completely self- contained with content presented comprehensively through e- mail, pdf’s, synchronous classrooms, diagrammatic representations, multimedia tools and videos. Any gaps or clarifications during the process of self-learning shall be addressed in the one hour group coaching call that is scheduled with our master facilitator Akash Chander.