After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you have the rights to:

  • Administer and interpret all Everything DiSC assessments globally
  • Facilitate end user training and coaching sessions using Everything DiSC Profiles
  • Create an EPIC Sub Account with Strengthscape*
  • Create EPIC Sub Accounts for your customers or organization under your EPIC account.

* EPIC Account will be opened at the time of Certification for participants who opt for the Certification with EPIC Account.

After the DiSC Trainer Certification, you may:

  • Schedule complimentary one to one session with Strengthscape master trainers to discuss DiSC application for your client and colleagues.
  • Access Trainer’s Login on Strengthscape website
  • Subscribe to Live Virtual Online Classes and the E-learning module (conditions apply)
  • Create your trainer profile on Strengthscape website
  • Order EPIC credits and profiles anytime 24×7. We provide gold standard customer service to our DiSC certified trainers and facilitators.
  • Get volume discounts on DiSC profiles and facilitation kits