Why should I be a part of the DiSC Trainer Certification Program with Strengthscape?

Strengthscape is an authorized Everything DiSC Partner, and certifying with us gives you access to the complete range of DiSC Assessments, learning resources and support tools.

The DiSC Trainer Certification Program is facilitated by senior industry professionals, who come with decades of experience in business psychology and are experts in the field of DiSC Assessments.

The DiSC Certification program is available in three formats – Face to Face, Online Instructor Led and Self – Paced E- learning giving you the freedom to choose based on what is most convenient to you.

Strengthscape also guarantees complete post certification support for a year. Trainers certified by Strengthscape through In person and Online Live Virtual Sessions are given free access to attending the Instructor Led Online Certification Program for a full year post certification free of cost.

What are the topics that are covered in the DiSC Certification program?

The program promises to cover all aspects of behaviour, learning and psychology that will make the trainee confident in the analysis and interpretation of DiSC assessments, application oriented training on DiSC for coaching, leadership effectiveness, managerial development, professionalism and a lot more. For more details, please visit

What are my rights after the training program?

Once you are a certified DiSC Trainer, you secure all rights to analyze, interpret and manage DiSC based training programs. However a DiSC certified trainer is not given the right to certify other professionals or trainers on DiSC. For a detailed description of rights, please visit here

Who issues the accreditation?

Participants are certified by Strengthscape an Authorized Everything DiSC Partner. To view the sample certificate click here…

Where is the training program held?

The online training is held over gotomeeting and you can access it from the comfort and convenience of your home or workplace across the globe. Face to face programs are held in various major cities across the world. The E-learning program is a self-paced learning initiative which can be accessed at your convenience. Need to know the schedule? Click Here.

Why is the lowercase i used in DiSC?

The lowercase i in DiSC is utilized to distinguish Everything DiSC® and DiSC® Classic from other assessments founded on the DISC model. The DISC model, not being trademarkable, could not be protected, but the assessment and its corresponding report could. The small i is a part of Wiley’s trademark.

Will a change in response focus affect my DiSC style?

DiSC® assessments and instructions are centered on work. While a change in response focus may slightly affect profile results, it does not appear to substantially alter results for most individuals taking DiSC®. People who frequently take DiSC® may be able to discern a difference based on their focus.

Does an individual's DiSC style change over time?

Generally, an average person’s profile tends to remain consistent over time. Although there may be slight variances in results from one assessment to the next, there are typically no significant shifts in style.

Is it normal to disagree with certain aspects of the DiSC report?

Yes, it is common to disagree or be surprised by some aspects of the DiSC report. Behavioral styles and personalities are unique to each individual, with factors such as education, culture, experience, and interests contributing to this diversity. DiSC results are indicative and broad.

Can DiSC assessments be used for employment purposes?

The results of DiSC assessments do not predict success in employment or job classifications, so they should be regarded as only one factor among many while selecting a candidate.

When is it advisable to take the DiSC assessment again?

We recommend taking the assessment again after a period of 2-3 years to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Do the colors utilized in the DiSC circumplex serve any relevance?

The colors are used only for design and branding purposes and do not represent any styles in any form of association. These colors differentiate Everything DiSC from other assessments.

Are there two styles: Natural and Adaptive?

Wiley conducted two studies which provided no support for the idea that we can measure both natural and adaptive style. According to their research report, “In essence, there has never been well-documented support that any of the graphs are indicators of the private, public, natural, or pressured self or that they are anything other than measurements of general self-concept.”

Is certification necessary to administer DiSC profiles?

Certification is not required to administer DiSC profiles. However, certification can enhance one’s ability to interpret the DiSC profiles effectively.