Are there issues concerning the use of DiSC® for applicant screening or hiring purposes?

Behavioural assessments give us a great insight into the priorities and tendencies of individuals. DiSC cannot measure skill and competency. From that perspective, DiSC cannot be used for screening purposes. However, DiSC, like many other behavioural assessments, can play a supportive role in hiring and screening applicants.

How can I best apply DiSC?

A highly intuitive tool, DiSC is ideal to be applied to most workplace situations. Common applications include conflict resolution, building team collaboration, leadership development, managerial effectiveness, professional excellence, interpersonal skills, group dynamics, sales prowess and much more. To know more on how to apply DiSC to your workplace it is recommended that you attend the DiSC Trainer Certification program by Strengthscape.

Which report should I use for a coaching intervention?

The DiSC reports are very versatile in their application and can be used for role specific coaching interventions. The Everything DiSC Reports are all encompassing and have personalized strategies for solving most workplace issues across various levels of the organizational hierarchy.
The DiSC Trainer Certification programs equips participants to understand and interpret the Everything DiSC Reports and also details into the myriad ways in which the reports can be used to handle workplace challenges.